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Oh Jennifer…

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A graphic with Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, for Anonymous.

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#UnitedWeStand #ArtOfNoise #TheUndergroundCulture

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Harry Potter it’s not “just a book” or just a “movie”.
It is my childhood.
I grew up believing in magic.
I grew up dreaming about going to Hogwarts.
On my 11th birthday I got really mad cause I thought Dobby’s been hiding my letter to save me.
I still believe in magic.
Cause saving a girl from anorexia (the actress who played Luna Lovegood) is magic.
Building up a happy childhood is magic.
Giving hope and teaching to never back down and to love unconditionally is magic.
We are magic.
Thanks J.K Rowling for helping us to realize that.

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Bromance at its finest…

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